Biorhythm calendar is a COMPLETE LEARNING SYSTEM for anyone interested in understanding…
Biorhythm calendar is a PRINTED calendar which provides you with a DAILY SNAPSHOT of…
  • Your personal biorhythm cycles
  • The lunar cycle (New moon, 1st quarter, full moon, last quarter)
  • The astrological cycle of the sun, moon, inner AND outer planets!
All of these cycles are printed in an easy to understand, daily format, so you can look at your calendar on any given day and SEE where the planets are (in relation to the zodiac) and you can SEE your personal biorhythm cycles for each day.
In addition to the daily snapshot of astrological cycles, biorhythm cycles and lunar cycles, each calendar contains;
  • Six pages of information explaining what biorhythms are and how to apply them to your life.
  • Two pages of information explaining how to apply the lunar cycle to your life.
  • Seven pages of information explaining how to apply astrological cycles to your life.
If you are one of the millions of people on the journey of self-discovery and you want to learn more about the CYCLES OF LIFE which influence YOUR LIFE on a daily basis, this calendar is simply brimming with information you can use.
Each customized, hand-made, fully bound calendar includes:
  • Your biorhythm cycles for the next 12 months ( July 2016 – to – July 2017unless requested otherwise)
  • Astrological cycle of the sun, moon, inner AND outer planets
  • Lunar  Cycle
  • Six pages of text devoted to understanding biorhythms
  • Two pages of text devoted to understanding the lunar cycle
  • Seven pages of text devoted to explaining astrological cycles
  • Twelve astrological narratives; one per month encompassing the top page of each calendar month.
The astrological narratives are PACKED with a wealth of information…
Each calendar is individually tailored and hand-made, using the highest quality card stock available.
I guarantee you won’t find a calendar like this anywhere else on earth!  This one-of-a-kind calendar provides you with a visual presentation of our natural cycles of life. 
How can understanding your biorhythm cycles help you?  Understanding the influences of biorhythms in your life can provide you with valuable insight into the “ups” and “downs” of your life. As you become familiar with your biorhythms you will understand how they effect your ability to:
Perform physical activities : — (Physical biorhythm cycle)
Deal with stress : — (Emotional biorhythm cycle)
Make sound decisions : — (Intellectual biorhythm cycle)
Using information from the calendar, you will be able to estimate in advance; when might be the best time to perform your best during an interview, be at the top of your game for an exam, a sporting event, or a wedding!
You will be able to do that, because you will know in advance where your biorhythm cycles are going to be each day for the next 12 months. You have everything you need in one place!
There is much to be learned about YOU and this calendar can help. As you become familiar with how you personally respond to the “up’s and down’s” of your biorhythm cycles, you can be super-prepared for the future!!
  • Understanding your positive biorhythm cycles can assist you in planning sporting events, public activities, intellectual endeavors, even romance!
  • Understanding your negative biorhythm cycles (and YOUR PERSONAL REACTION to your negative biorhythm cycles) can help you avoid accidents, hurtful situations, grief and misfortune.
These calendars make great gifts for anyone seeking personal growth.

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