What Is The MOTOGP Course And How Does It Help Motorcyclists?

The Motorcycle Motocross Association (MMA) is a not-for-profit international organization that organizes racing competitions for motorcycle racers. It was created in 2000 with the merger of several motorcycle riding clubs and organizations, to form the largest and most successful motocross organization in the world today. As a member of the MMA, you will enjoy a variety of benefits including free memberships, regular meetings, a wide range of information and newsletters, and much more.


The Motorcycle Motocross Association holds various road racing events for motorcycle racers and fans throughout the world. One of the most popular and long lasting of these is the Motogp, a highly competitive racing category. Grand Prix motorcycle race is the premier category of motorbike street racing events held on special road tracks officially sanctioned by the FÉdération internationale de Motocrosses.

There are two different classes in which riders can compete in, the Recreational class for amateur riders and the Track Class for professional riders. The track class includes national and world level championships for teams of three or more riders. The Recreational class allows for unlimited track starts and finishes depending on the rules of the event, and offers “quick start/stop” options to the factory teams. The highest level of involvement is seen in the Factory Team Championships where teams of two or more riders from the different classes compete for overall victory.

During the MOTOGP season there are several different events for riders of all ages and abilities. The Fencing Masters Cup is a competitive motorcycle racing event for first time riders where the participants must complete a variety of tasks including chucking and dragging, dodging, jumping and more. Other events include the Motogp bike test day, a free practice day and several other trail-building activities.

Marciello, the official motocross brand of Italy has also entered into the championship with their “marc ONLY” version of the GSN Bike. This is for true professional riders who may have never done an agostini before and also for those new riders looking to learn about the special discipline. Marciello offers two versions of the program including the “official” one that features the agostini rules along with Marciello’s special edition “marc ONLY” version that is not using the real Agostini Monument.

One of the most popular and interesting parts of the MOTOGP course is the tyre test where riders are assessed based on their individual judgement of each type of tyre being offered. Riders are required to demonstrate their ability to use a particular type of motorcycle tyre under certain pressures under different circumstances. The tyres are judged on their ability to provide the necessary power, traction and durability for each individual corner and each track. Riders are also required to assess how well their braking and turning abilities are developed with respect to the type of tyres used. This part of the course focuses on practical knowledge and what can be useful to a motorbike rider during a race event.